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Kaspi Montazh Service LLP Works In The Listed Below Key Areas

• Equipment for manual welding and cutting
• Welding materials
• Automated welding
• Mechanical cutting systems

About Company

Kaspi Montazh Service LLP — the successful company working in Kazakhstan in the field of the welding equipment and expendables for welding and cutting. We use and we offer the innovative and recognized around the world equipment and decisions taking into account wishes of customers, relying on the experience and traditions developing for years in the field of an industrial leadership.

Kaspi Montazh Service LLP offers the wide range of decisions practically for any technological process in the field of welding and cutting, and also almost for all scopes of application. We work for branches which service the whole world.

• Oil and gas industry
• Production and civil engineering
• Pipelines
• Tube rolling plants
• Electricity generation
• Manufacturing industry
• Repair and maintenance
• Shipbuilding and sea constructions
• Transport and mobile machine equipment

Kaspi Montazh Service LLP, which is a service provider in Construction, Oil and Gas sphere. Our company has highly qualified specialists of different disciplines Kashagan Offshore, Karabatan Onshore Processing Facility, Tengiz Oilfield, Karachaganak Oilfield, which allows us to provide services listed below, but not limited to:
– steel erection
– pipe fabrication
– construction of vessels
– welding activities argon and arc electrical welding
– sand blasing and painting activities
– E&I activities (installation and commissioning)

Our Vision and special system of Values are the key to our success and create spirit of our organization. Our Values are an integral part of life of staff of the Caspian Sea Mounting Service company, Thanks to it we can make strategic decisions, effectively distribute resources and make a right choice every day.

Our Vision
To be the leading global supplier of innovative solutions for welding and cutting of metals in any areas of metal working.

Our Values
Clients speak – we listen. All our strategic plans and actions are based on the customer’s judgement. To realize this concept, we always try to consider wishes of our customers and to estimate their waitings, and also we aim to provide for them advantages in questions of service which will favourably distinguish us from competitors.
The best team wins. Aimed at team operation and employees complete of enthusiasm – our most valuable resource, and we fight for involvement of talented experts, we try to provide their development and to retain them. For this purpose we work in three directions.

1. Creation of an optimum command: we select suitable cast for each job.
2. Creation of optimum conditions: principals create an environment in which all employees can make a contribution to the common cause.
3. Aspiration to a victory: in the presence of an optimum command and optimum conditions to win a victory it becomes much simpler!

Constant improving (philosophy Kaydzen) – our way of life. We set before ourselves ambitious goals, we experiment and we study every day, we optimize business processes, we are guided by the best and as a result we exceed them. We understand need of changes, and also we use different tools for enhancement. For implementation of our aspiration to improving each employee of KMS Company permanently studies with use of tools of our business system which is the cornerstone of our culture.

Innovations define our future. Creative approach at the level of certain employees and all organization is a guarantee of appearance of the revolutionary ideas in all fields of activity: technologies, products, decisions and processes. We realize this Value, proposing customers personal solutions and creating the products and services increasing quality of life and promoting environment protection. Besides, we profess the principles of innovative thinking and we understand perspectives of innovative development.



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